Wood lathe Tools

Wood lathe tools come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and there is a wide range of quality and price. This page contain all of our reviews of wood lathe tools. Whether you are looking for high quality american and british made chisels or just a reliable set of tools at a good price we include everything. This page is regularly updated with new posts about wood turning tools, chisels, gouges etc.

If you’re in the market for a new set of tools, I’ve listed a few of the best and most popular tools available, along with a brief description.

Wood Lathes Tools for Sale

PSI Woodworking LCHSS8 HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set

The LCHSS8 HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set is a nice set of tools from PSI. These are well made with hardwood handles and M2 high speed steel, so they should last a long time. High speed steel or HSS, is an alloy that includes either tungsten or molybdenum in order to increase hardness and abrasion resistance. This is one of the most popular sets of lathe chisels available, and strikes a very good balance between quality and price. With 8 tools included, this is a fairly large set and the extra tools make it very versatile. Highly recommended for beginners or as an upgrade to an old set of tools.

PSI also offers a smaller 5 piece set of mini lathe tools the LCMINI2, great for pen turning or other small projects and very inexpensive. Similar to the larger set above you get HSS and hardwood handles for a good price. This is a good set for the money, but not suited for carving large pieces.

robert sorby 82hs

If you’re looking for a high end set of lathe chisels consider the Robert Sorby #82HS Turning Tool Set. Robert Sorby in known for high quality materials and workmanship and these lathe tools are very well regarded. These tools are still made in England, whereas most inexpensive sets are manufactured in China. Tools are made from HSS and have ash handles and brass ferules. Length runs from 13″ to 21″.  Some of the best wood lathe tools available and well worth the price.

Kinds of wood lathe tools

Roughing gouge – The gouge is a chisel with a rounded and hollow nose with a U-shaped profile. Gouges are used for roughing cuts. This tool will remove a lot of wood quickly and is used to make a square piece of wood round.

Skew Chisel – The skew chisel is essentially a flat knife with an angled end. Used mainly for smoothing but has many other uses such as trimming and making v-cuts. This is one of the most important tools and is used in a lot of situations.

Parting Chisel – The parting chisel is diamond shaped, coming to a sharp point. It can be used to cut a turning off square at the ends.

Round Nose Chisel – Similar to a roughing gouge but has a shallower profile, a round nosed chisel or spindle gouge can be used to used to turn coves or rounded grooves into a piece.