PSI LCMINI2 Five Piece Chisel Set Review

This five piece set of wood lathe tools, LCMINI2 from PSI, is a great set for beginners or anyone looking for an inexpensive set of turning chisels. These tools would also be good for smaller projects or maybe just to keep around as a backup set without breaking the bank.


PSI LCMINI2 5 piece wood lathe tool set

These chisels are made with high speed steel (HSS) which should make for a durable product that will hold a good edge. In general HSS should remain sharp for longer than regular steel, which means less sharpenings and a longer life for your tool. The handles are hardwood. They are made and imported from China so you should not necessarily expect the same quality you would get from an American made tool, but all indications are that these chisels are at least decent in terms of workmanship and materials. The LCMINI2 quality is good enough for daily use if you’re not working on anything too heavy.

Standout features: High speed steel blades, hardwood handles, inexpensive.

Limitations: No tool larger than 1/4″.

Reviews are overall positive and for the money I think these tools are worth looking at. Negative reviews I have seen complained that the blades were brittle and prone to breaking if dropped. This is a legitimate concern, but essentially unavoidable for a thin tool made from hardened steel, which is by definition more brittle than regular steel.

What other people are saying:

…the LATHE TOOLS are a very good beginners set. Quality tools good enough for getting into wood turning without spending $200 just to see if you like it

…I thought they were very good for the price. They needed to be sharpened out of the box, but after that they worked well. I used them mostly for pen turning and they were effective. I wouldn’t recommend this set for heavy duty work, but otherwise they’re a nice set of inexpensive chisels.

– Arthur Milton

Priced at under 30$ these are certainly a good value for a five piece set of wood lathe tools. This set comes with a 1/8″ spindle gouge, a 3/32″ parting tool,  a 1/4″ roughing gouge, a 1/4″round nose scraper, and a 1/4″ skew chisel. The total length of each tool is 10 inches and the blade length is 4 inches. A comparable set of American made tools would cost at least 100$ which is what makes this such a good buy.

This set is available at with free shipping at a good price, click here for the listing.

 Updated on January 19, 2014