jet jwl 1220 wood lathe review

Jet JWL 1220 Wood Lathe Review

The Jet JWL 1220 is a wood lathe that is very well liked by a lot of people, and the reasons why are pretty obvious. This is a well designed tool with a lot of features that people are looking for and it’s size and expansion capabilities make it very flexible. It really hits a sweet spot in terms of being powerful and heavy enough for fairly large projects while still being small enough to be (semi) portable and offer a good price for the feature set.

jet jwl 1220 wood lathe review

Jet JWL 1220 wood lathe

Typical of Jet, this lathe is well finished and the workmanship and parts are very good. This lathe is very versatile. With a 12 inch swing and 20 inches center to center, I would classify it as a midi lathe, however, the Jet 1220 can also be outfitted with a 28 inch extension bed, bringing the total distance between centers to 48 inches. Add on the available stand and you find yourself with a very affordable full sized lathe.

Manufacurer Jet
Model JWL 1220
Size 12″ x 20″
Motor 3/4 HP, 6 speed
Features Cast iron body, indexing, spindle lock
Rating 4.7 4.7
List Price $549.00
Best Price

The 1220 has a powerful 3/4 horsepower engine and weighs in around 100 pounds, so you’ll have no trouble with larger pieces. This is helped by the fully cast iron lathe bed which should help to increase the overall heft of the machine and limit vibrations

The JWL 1220 has 6 speeds, adjustable with a belt system. The motor is quite powerful for a lathe of this size, and the net result is very smooth and fluid turning when working on small projects, with minimal vibration. It’s a nice step up from the 1014 series in terms of power and size, and well suited to both small and large projects.The headstock, tailstock and tool rest are all adjustable tool free, which is very nice when you have to make regular changes to your setup. It saves a lot of hassle. The attached light is also a very helpful bonus if your shop isn’t as well lit as it should be, and can come in very handy for fine detail work.

What other people are saying:

The Jet 1220 is an excellent choice for people without a lot of shop space. It’s similar to their venerable 1014 models which have been on the market for a while, but is considerably beefier and has somewhat larger capacity. Weighing in at almost 100 pounds, it’s not really that portable, but the extra mass seems to help it run remarkably smoothly for a benchtop lathe.

The JET JWL-1220 strikes an interesting balance between the traditional mini and full-sized lathes. Between its solid operation, 12″ swing and expandable between center capacity, the JET JWL-1220 is sure to become a favorite for new turners and veterans who so frequently add a second lathe to the shop.

Tom Hintz –

The 1220 comes with 6 and 10 inch tool rests, faceplate, drift rod, live and spur centers, goggles,  tool caddy, work lamp, and the required hex wrenches.

All in all I believe this is one of the best buys out there today, as evidenced by it’s incredible popularity and wide appeal. Currently is offering this lathe at very good price and free shipping is available as well.

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